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Did you know that webbed toes are a pretty common condition?
Medical statistics show that it occurs in one in every 2000-3000 newborn (webbed toes are 4 times more common than webbed fingers).
Like with many other medical conditions, there is always psychological impact for those affected. Imagine being able to help them to camouflage this condition.
You will gain the necessary skills to offer Webbed Toes Separator Medical Tattoo Course. From setting up your treatment trolley over the perfect consultation, making a treatment plan, choosing the right pigments and needles, and creating the ideal shape to carrying out a successful procedure and aftercare.
We provide ongoing support to ensure you are always guided on your learning journey. Study from the comfort of your own home or on the go on your mobile device.

Course Content

    1. Course Intro by El

    2. About Us

    3. About Webbed Toes - little history and interesting stats by El

    1. Anatomy & Physiology Intro by Natalia

    2. Anatomy, Physiology & a Little Bit About the Surgery

    1. Health & Safety Regulations

    1. CSI Style Infection Control (the fun way)

    2. Tray Setup

    3. Machine Wrapping & Setup

    4. Equipment Preparation

    5. Treatment Bed Preparation

    6. Aprons

    1. Needles Recommendation from El

    2. Pigments Recommendation from El

    3. Equipment Recommendations by El

    4. Drawing Exercise on Paper

    5. Drawing the Separator on the Practice Mat

    6. How to Design the Shadow

    7. Design and Tattooing the Separator on the Practice Mat

    1. Prescreening

    2. Contraindications

    3. Client Consultation

    4. Downloadable Consent Form

    5. Dos & Don'ts (Pretreatment Advice)

About this course

  • 114 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


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