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Male eyebrows play a crucial role in framing the face and expressing individuality. Unlike women’s eyebrows, which often feature defined arches and precise grooming, men’s eyebrows tend to have a more natural and rugged appearance. However, Permanent Makeup can still make a significant difference in enhancing facial symmetry and overall attractiveness. From filling in sparse areas to defining the shape, the goal is to create a masculine and well-groomed look that complements the face’s features without appearing overdone.
What’s included: in-depth skin anatomy & physiology, step-by-step demonstrations, guidance on understanding different eyebrow shapes and styles suited for male clients, tips for selecting the right pigment, contraindications for the procedure, and much more.
This comprehensive CPD-accredited online training course will help you become a specialist in this field.
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Course Content

    1. Welcome

    2. About Us

    1. Introduction to Skin Anatomy

    2. Functions of the Skin

    3. Epidermis

    4. The Layers of the Epidermis

    5. Dermis

    6. Hypodermis

    7. Appendages of the Skin

    8. Melanin

    9. Elastin

    10. Homeostasis of the Skin

    11. Secretion of the Skin

    12. The Skin's Aging Process

    13. Factors Affecting the Skin

    14. Skin Types

    15. Bones of the Face & Skull

    16. Muscles of the Face

    1. Health & Safety

    1. CSI Style Infection Control (the fun way)

    2. Treatment Bed Preparation

    3. Tray Setup for Manual Work

    4. Tray setup for Digital Work

    5. Why We Use Disposable Aprons

    1. Digital/Machine Work - Needles Recommendation from El

    2. Manual/Microblading Work - Blades Recommendation from El

    3. Pigments Recommendation from El

    4. Practice on Paper

    5. Practice on the Mat

    6. Different Hair Growth Examples CHECK THE TEXT - have it on ChatGPT

    7. Male Eyebrows vs Female Eyebrows ADD NOTES ABOUT PMU

    1. Prescreening

    2. Contraindications

    3. Client Consultation

    4. Dos & Don'ts (Pretreatment Advice) AMEND

    5. Treatment Forms

    6. Numbing

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